Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (JSZWM) is the organization consisted of veterinarians, researchers and university students who are engaged in a zoo and wildlife medicine. JSZWM was founded in 1995. Since then, JSZWM has held an annual congress various places in Japan and published an original journal, Japanese Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, quarterly.

JSZWM has handled huge research area including infectious disease (virology, bacteriology and parasitology), pathology, thremmatology, genomics, ecology, ethology, anatomy and clinical medicine associated with zoo, aquarium and wildlife medicine. Research field of JSZWM is not only in Japan, but also worldwide. Through these activities, JSZWM keeps an effort on the improvement of the conservation medicine in the world.

Board member of JSZWM is the following.

President TSUBOTA, Toshio (Hokkaido University)
Advisors MURATA, Koichi (Nihon University)
YANAI, Tokuma (Gif University)
Vice-Presidents TAKAMI, Kazutoshi (Tennoji Zoo)
ONUMA, Manabu (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Secretary-General ISHIZUKA, Mayumi (Hokkaido University)
Board of Directors UNE, Yumi (Azabu University)
ASAKAWA, Mitsuhiko (Rakuno Gakuen University)
YAMAGUCHI, Tsuyoshi (Tottori University)
SHINDO, Junji (Kitasato University)
FUKUI, Daisuke (EnVision Conservation Office)
SOTOHIRA, Yukari (Itozu No Mori Zoological Park)
SAITO, Keisuke (Institute for Raptor Biomedicine Japan)
SUDO, Akiko (Eaglet Office Inc.)
UEDA, Miya (Yokohama Zoological Gardens)
KIMURA, Junpei (Seoul National University)
Secretaries SHIMOZURU, Mitito (Hokkaido University)
YANAGAWA, Yojiro (Hokkaido University)
NODA, Ayako (Asa Zoological Park)
SASAKI, Motoki (Obihiro University)
KUSUDA, Satoshi (Gifu University)
TAJIMA, Yuuko (National Museum of Nature and Science)
WATANABE, Yukiko (Institute for Raptor Biomedicine Japan)
KOIE, Hiroshi (Nihon University)
ASANO, Makoto (Gifu University)
KISHIMOTO, Mayumi (Wildlife Management Office Inc.)
MATSUMOTO, Rei (Nogeyama Zoological Gardens)
YONEDA, Kumiko (Japan Wildlife Research Center)
Auditors ENDO, Hideki (Tokyo University)
MIYASHITA, Minoru (Kinki University)

JSZWM has 11 committees supporting the JSZWM activities.

  • The academic and education committee
  • The infectious disease control committee
  • The international exchange and Asian society of zoo and wildlife medicine committee
  • The editorial committee of the Japanese Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
  • The editorial committee of the JSZWM Newsletter
  • The clinical medicine, education and public awareness committee
  • The public service corporation committee
  • The public relations committee
  • The student seminar course committee
  • The wildlife conservation and welfare committee
  • The accounting and protection fund committee

Diploma of the Japanese college of zoo and wildlife medicine (JCZWM)
In 2005, JSZWM started certifying the Diploma of the Japanese College of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (JCZWM). The Diplomates are certified in the following specialized fields; zoo animal medicine, aquatic medicine, wildlife medicine, wildlife pathology/infectious disease and avian medicine.


Email: wildmed@vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp